RevDeal: M&A Workflow Platform

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The Problem: Sell-side M&A processes are complex, but largely managed using only Microsoft Office / e-mail.

To simply arrive at the IOI stage in the process of selling a company requires significant back-and-forth between bankers and buyers, consuming hundreds of hours of valuable time:

Can software be applied to a sell-side process to improve efficiency and effectiveness? The answer is a resounding YES.

RevDeal provides a solution to accomplish this:

  • WHAT: A Web-based platform that allows investment bankers to manage M&A processes more efficiently, from the distribution of teasers through the IOI stage
  • HOW: Allows M&A investment bankers and potential buyers to exchange information on a common platform as opposed to via e-mail
  • WHO: Developed by an actual deal professional — who truly understands sell-side M&A processes — alongside experienced technologists from the Financial Services industry
  • WHY: We’re about to enter the third decade of the 21st century, so it’s time for M&A investment bankers to begin truly leveraging the power of technology to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently

The target market for RevDeal is any investment bank / M&A advisory firm / business broker that runs sell-side M&A processes that include ~20 or more potential buyers. This can range from 1-2 person shops to bulge-bracket investment banks.

The buyer universe (Private Equity firms, strategic acquirers) are “takers” of the platform when they engage in a process that is using RevDeal.

Please contact us if you are a sell-side firm that is interested in learning more about RevDeal.

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